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[Guide] Game Commands


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Clear PK status for Zen 


Level up while offline

 /store and /offstore

Add items in personal store to sell while playing or offline.


Accept party automatically with or without password


Post message in global chat


Store all your items in game warehouse
Free to change between 10 different vaults 0~10
Available 10 vaults for all players

 /reset and /grandreset

Resets your character levels and / or resets


Resets stat points for Zen so you can add them different way

Server X20 : 30 000 000 Zen
Server X80 : 30 000 000 Zen
Server X1000 : 50 000 000 Zen


Shows server time


Disconnect from game another character if you know its account password


Move character to any map when you reach at least level 300
Example of command: /move kubera mine
Available only in server X80 and X1000


Shows time left until next Quiz
Send an answer on question with command /answer
Reward of 50 Wcoins gets the first player who answers correct.

 /addagi and /addagi auto

Add and automatically add free stat points
Example of add command: /addstr 100
Example of auto add command: /addstr auto 100
To cancel the auto add points command you must write: /addagi auto 0
Use command depending on stats /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd


Coming soon
Special tasks & rewards
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