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[Event x80] Reset Race


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Level Up fast and Win Free Wcoins!

Only the first players who reach requirements will be awarded.

View rankings here: https://www.topmuonline.net/rankings


First Top 35 with 5 Resets

  • Gift Code: TOP35-RR5-X80
  • Reward: 500 Wcoins

First Top 30 with 10 Resets

  • Gift Code: TOP30-RR10-X80
  • Reward: 600 Wcoins

First Top 25 with 15 Resets

  • Gift Code: TOP25-RR15-X80
  • Reward: 700 Wcoins

First Top 20 with 20 Resets

  • Gift Code: TOP20-RR20-X80
  • Reward: 800 Wcoins

First Top 15 with 25 Resets

  • Gift Code: TOP15-RR25-X80
  • Reward: 900 Wcoins

First Top 10 with 30 Resets

  • Gift Code: TOP10-RR30-X80
  • Reward: 1000 Wcoins



Use given gift codes when you have met requirements: https://www.topmuonline.net/gift-code

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