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[Event x80] Advertise and Get Reward


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Advertise our server on several forums and get reward!

In this Event can participate everyone even without any knowledge about it.


Every successful advertisement You make will bring you 1300 Wcoins Reward.

You will get Your reward after we will check and approve your Advertisement.


Some Rules:

  1. Forums where exist advertisement about TOPMU already are not accepted;
  2. Post only on allowed forum section where your advertisement will not be deleted;
  3. Forums have to be populated and active - does not matter on what language it is;
  4. Minimum topic views on your advertised post must be more than 10;
  5. Send your advertisement links in PM to admin TheFlash;

Tips about how to find forums:

  1. Search in Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines for the following:

Online Gaming Forum;
Forums MMO;
Advertising Private Server MMORPG;
Mu Online Forum Advertise;
Mu Online Poland Forums Advertise;
Mu Online Philippines Forums Advertise;
Mu Online Advertise Server;
And any similar words that comes to your mind!


Include all information about Server when you add advertisement.

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